Welcome to the my family page. 

The story of the home page and genealogy books.

In 1993, I was at the first family reunion after my great-grandfather Baste and Serine Bastesen. It was made a genealogy booklet by Sigfred Bastesen about ancestry from Baste and Serine. It was then that desire to refine this and get in all descendants until 1993 in a new booklet. This is the mission I received and thus interest in genealogy was added. It was at that time Computer didn't have windows and genealogy software was bad, but eventually I found a DOS based program called Family Tree. I worked for some time with this and in 1997 we arranged a new family reunion. At this reunion I got update lists for posterity and released right after a genealogy book with some photos. Genealogy program did not have as many types of printing that one has today. Then I was through Familiearkiv5, Embla and Brother Keaper without finding that I needed. Then I came over Legacy. Here was what I was looking for a family program. In 2007 there was a new family reunion and during this reunion it was talking about making a website. I got new updates and corrections. Created a website that has been active since then. Someone pointed out that they would not be visible in these lists so I put a password on all descendants so that one could control who had access to this data. This seemed to me was a bit cumbersome, and in the year 2013, I did on the homepage to make it do not include living descendants. The list of those who must now contact me, so I send them by email. With all the new data was requested for a new and updated genealogy book, which was published in 2011.  Here there was more mention and photos than the booklet I made in 1997. The book about Baste and Serine Bastesen was of 280 pages. Later it was more family books from the various branches. What is now missing is the genealogical books for my mother's side.