Personalinformation law says:

It regulates the processing of information andassessments that can be attached to an individual who lives.

The purpose of the law is, of course, to protect your privacy. Typical "innocuous"personal information is your name, birth date,

birthplace and familyrelationships. This type of information support to a certain extent alreadypublic.

However, information may be sensitive for the sense if they saysomething about the person's health conditions,

racial or ethnic background,religious belief, records of or subject to conditions. Such information issubjected to very strict rules by law.

If the person to the so-called"innocuous personal information" on its own initiative makes it clearthat he does not want the information to be dislcosed,

this should be respected. Which means that one can add information about the name, born whenand where,

married to when and where and who are their parents and children. Ifthe person does not want this, please inform yourself about this person.

Itis not necessary to contact each individual permission.